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2013 State of Social Media Spam Report

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Social media spam is on the rise as a primary attack vector for cybercriminals. In fact, between January to July of 2013, social spam grew by more than 355%. As marketers scramble to become more social, the 'bad guys' are quickly following suit.

Download our report on social media spam techniques and trends. Written by our team of data scientists with analysis of more than 25 million user accounts and 60 million pieces of social content, we've uncovered some revealing findings, including:  

  • 1 in 21 social messages contain risky content, such as adult language, hate speech, private or regulated data, or spam
  • 1 in 200 social messages contain spam, including text and link-based
  • 15% of all spam contains a URL leading to risky sources
  • 5% of all social apps are spammy and combined with like-jacking, social bots, and fake accounts, are among the most widely used methods of distributing social spam

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