Proofpoint LIVE TALKS:
Insider Threat Management in The New Normal

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With remote work and a distributed workforce becoming the new norm, many organizations are now forced to manage business-critical functions that were traditionally in-office activities remotely. This shift in workforce dynamics brings a new set of cybersecurity and insider threat challenges to the fore. 

Join our LIVE TALKS video chat with Ed Amoroso, Founder and CEO of Tag Cyber, and one of Proofpoint’s Insider Threat Management experts, Josh Epstein, as they share:  

  • How to better understand and respond to insider-caused data breaches 
  • Why a people-centric approach to security is the optimal way to mitigate risk in the new normal 
  • Real-world examples and lessons every business can use to improve security during uncertain times 

In this lively dialogue, we will not only share authentic wisdom from the trenches, but also take live questions on what you're experiencing and how to handle specific concerns. 


Edward Amoroso, Founder and CEO at TAG Cyber

Ed is an experienced Chief Executive Officer, Chief Information Security Officer (second person to hold the CISO position in history), University Professor, and Prolific Author with six published books. He directly served four Presidential Administrations in Cyber Security, and now serves as on the M&T Bank Board of Directors, Senior Advisor for the Applied Physics Lab at Johns Hopkins University, and the NSA Advisory Board (NSAAB).

Josh Epstein, VP Marketing of Insider Threat Management at Proofpoint

Josh has 20+ years of experience in technology marketing and strategy roles. Previously he has held a range of marketing, strategy and business development roles at start-ups including Kaminario, Reddo Mobility as well as global technology companies including EMC, CA Technologies, Acme Packet and Oracle.
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