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Altimeter Report

Altimeter Report: Guarding the Social Gates

Guarding Your Company's Social Media Gates

Don't let your social media be a risk!

Social media is a modern-day Pandora's Box: it has had a meteoric rise as a tool to interact and engage with customers, but also a dark underside exposing companies to new types of risk. Almost two-thirds of companies say that social media is a significant or critical risk to their brand reputation, yet 60% of companies either never train their employees about their corporate social media policies or do so only upon hiring. Moreover, 43% of companies have less than one full-time equivalent (FTE) dedicated to managing social media risk.

This report presents six steps to guarding your social media gates, including:

  • Creating a design framework for social risk
  • Dedicated staff and resources
  • Creating policies to protect your brand and employees
  • Training employees on boundaries
  • Selecting and deploying technology
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