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You talked. We listened. Find out what 1,400 global CISOs really think about their jobs, the pressures they face, and today’s cyberthreats.

Download the full report now and see how your peers adjusted after the most turbulent year in recent history.

Who’s Most Concerned About Cyber attacks?

48% of respondents worldwide said their organisation is at risk of a material cyber attack in the next 12 months, but where do CISOs feel most concerned?

CISOs who agree that their organisation is at risk of a material cyber attack in the next 12 months

What Do These CISOs Have in Common?

Security chiefs in Germany, Australia and the UK came out on top for one key metric, well above the global average of 50%. Find out what it was in the full report.


No Clear Agreement on Ransomware

In May 2021, a ransomware attack shut down the largest fuel pipeline in the U.S., while the world’s biggest meat processor paid an $11 million ransom to restore its services.

But a large proportion of CISOs say their organisation has no policy on whether they would pay up if they were hit by ransomware. Find out how many do in the full report.

The Number-One Threat

You might be surprised to learn what CISOs consider to be the biggest threat globally, ahead of ransomware, cloud compromise, and DDoS attacks.

What do CISOs see as the biggest cybersecurity threats?

An Uphill Struggle

Around half of CISOs say they face excessive expectations in their role. A similar proportion say they don’t see eye-to-eye with their board on cybersecurity issues, and that their organisation doesn’t position them to succeed.

Get the full report to see what CISOs are prioritising and what they think their boards want to see.

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Leading a cybersecurity function is like walking up a down escalator. If you stand still, you will soon end up in a mess at the bottom.

Malcolm Norman, CISO, Wood Plc

Malcolm Norman,


CISO, Wood Plc

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