Proofpoint Tech Talk

September 13, 2018

Get visibility into how Email Fraud is impacting your business

Attackers are impersonating and spoofing just about everything these days, including: display names, domains, and even official document and financial transfer requests, and are changing their methods regularly to evade solutions that stop only a small percentage of attacks. DMARC authentication can prevent the majority of those attacks. 

Join us as we discuss how email has evolved from unsecure SMTP to the introduction of SPF, DKIM signing and, finally, to DMARC. We will also cover:

  • Good vs Bad SPF and DKIM records
  • How to easily enable SPF and DKIM signing in the gateway
  • Email Fraud Defense tools and assessments
  • How to go from here to DMARC p=reject

Thursday, September 13, 2018
11:00AM ET

Zoom Webinar

Michelle Patterson | [email protected]

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