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Social Media Brand Fraud Report

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With the rapid business adoption of social media as a core communication channel, organizations are significantly increasing their investments in building out their social presence.  Increased investment has made social media a lucrative target for cyber criminals.

More and more, cyber criminals are using fraudulent social media accounts that imitate your brand to attack your company or customers.

Download our new research report and learn about the current state of social media fraud, and ways you can protect your social presence from these increasing security risks.

Understand how social media threats can impact your organization, then explore the tools and strategies necessary to protect your organization.

Research covered includes:

  • Motives and methods of fraudsters
  • Main types of fraudulent accounts
  • How to protect your social presence from these risks

Gain an understanding of the current threat landscape on social. Then, learn how to best minimize the risk of social media fraud to ensure your brand and your customers are protected.


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