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Zoom Webinar | Thursday, August 13, 2020 | 11:00AM-11:45AM ET

A large part of your attack surface is human—both in targeting and vulnerability. Understanding it better is crucial to countering most threat actors. Reformulating security analytics in organizational terms (people/departments/regions) is extremely valuable in understanding where attackers might strike next and communicating risk across the organization and to non-technical leadership.

By using Active Directory enrichment of targeted users in Proofpoint's TAP dashboard, security teams can get a high contrast view of which departments and titles are targeted most within their organizations. This kind of intelligence is more suited to a threat landscape where people are preferred more than infrastructure as the main threat delivery vector.

Join us to learn more about gaining this critical perspective that can allow you to:

  • Determine your ‘status quo’ and look for trends/changes that reflect a new paradigm in attacker strategy or threat landscape shift
  • Prioritize efforts on what the attackers are actually doing
  • Communicate cyber security and potential impact in business terms that executives can understand
  • Identify which users represent the majority of risk facing your organization

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This event is approved and endorsed by (ISC)2 and CPE credits will automatically be credited to your member account within 4-6 weeks.

Who Should Attend

This event is suitable for mid-level information security management (IT Security Manager, IT Manager) and technical information security practitioners (Security Engineer, Messaging Architect, IT Analyst).

Featured Speaker

Chris Montgomery, Principal Solution Architect, Proofpoint, Inc.

Chris Montgomery is a Principal Solution Architect at Proofpoint where he is responsible for the implementation and integration of all threat intelligence and intrusion detection solutions. In this role, he can be found consulting with security practitioners and OEM suppliers focused on utilizing threat intelligence to improve network security and the overall risk posture of an organization. Mr. Montgomery is a CCIE, and holds several other industry certifications, including CISSP and ITIL.
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