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Proofpoint Spotlight

Zoom | Monday, September 25, 2023 | 1:30PM-2:30PM ET

Identity has become the new vulnerability perimeter—even if a network, endpoint, and all other devices are secured, a cyber-attacker only needs access to one privileged account to compromise enterprise resources. Identities are a company’s crown jewels for access and privilege in corporate systems, and attackers have begun to focus on compromised identities to enable data exfiltration, take over IT environments, and launch ransomware attacks. How can you protect your organization from attackers who exploit gaps between identities and your security systems?

Join us for a discussion and demonstration that will explore:

  • Examples of identity tactics and exploits that we are currently seeing with Canadian customers, based upon real world data
  • The challenges when identifying vulnerable identities (Unmanaged Identities, Misconfigured identities, Exposed Identities)
  • Best practices to protect your people and data from attacks leveraging compromised identities
  • Preventative Controls to discover and remediate identity vulnerabilities before threat actors attempt to exploit them
  • Detective Controls to alert at the moment there is an indication of a threat actor or insider attempting to compromise or leverage an identity in a way that creates organizational risk
  • A recent customer success story

Featured Speaker

Guest 1 Name
Jonathan Molina | Sr. Sales Engineer, Proofpoint, Inc.

With over 20 years of experience, Jonathan is a passionate technical resource that has worked in many different industries and across complex network environments. Some areas of his focus have included threat intelligence, red teaming exercises, pretesting practices, application security, and media streaming services. Jonathan enjoys working with organizations and teams to help them navigate through the hurdles related to security.

Who Should Attend

This event is suitable for information security decision makers, including: CXO, VP of IT, Director of IT; mid-level information security management (Senior Security Manager, IT Security Manager, IT Manager) and technical information security practitioners (Security Engineer, Messaging Architect, IT Analyst). This event is not open to channel or technology partners.

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