The Human Factor 2022

In cybersecurity terms, 2021 was the breakout year when financially motivated cyber crime became a national security issue. It was a year that saw an explosion of ransomware, a new breed of SMS attacks, and where legitimate cloud services became a hotbed for criminal activity.

Download our annual threat report, The Human Factor 2022, based on our analysis of over 5 billion emails, 49 billion URLs, 1.9 billion attachments, 35 million cloud accounts, 1.7 billion SMS messages, to understand the people-centric dimensions of user risk: vulnerability, attack and privilege.

You'll learn:

  • The three distinct facets of user risk
  • The developing relationship between cyber criminal groups and what it means for the rest of us
  • How a people-centric defense can make users more resilient, mitigate attacks and manage privilege

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