In an era of constant connectivity and eroding boundaries between a professional and personal digital life, organizations are now having to confront the reality that employees will check their personal email from the corporate network and will use their corporate devices to check their email at home, on the road, and everywhere in between, making them vulnerable to advanced threats and compliance risks.

Join us for this informative tech talk, where we’ll discuss the importance of implementing an advanced threat detection and protection solution to secure both corporate and personal email and web use across your organization’s network.

During this webinar, we’ll cover:

•   The advanced threats and compliance risks affecting all organizations
•   What organizations can do to protect themselves
•   A solution overview & demo – Proofpoint’s Advanced Threat Detection & Web Threat Isolation

Brought to you by engineers, for engineers.

Date: May 3, 2018
Time:  1:00PM - 2:00PM ET
Zoom Webinar
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